To: First Time Users
On-line reservation is possible.
Users registration is necessary in case of the first time reservation.

Users Registration
Users registration is made free of charge.
Please be sure to read the Terms & Agreements.
After the registration, you may reserve by your e-mail address and Password.
Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation mail.


Registration of Reservation

Reservation up to 6 month ahead is possible.
Closing time to accept reservation requests varies depending on each hotel. Please see the information pages of the hotel you require.

Upon completion of reservation, you will receive a confirmation mail.
Confirmation of Reservation
You may confirm the applicable reservation you made.
(No past reservation record is displayed.)
Cancellation of Reservation
You may cancel your reservation until the closing time of the day.
Please check and confirm the closing time on the information pages of each hotel.
After the closing time, please directly contact the hotel.

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