Privacy Policy

HOTEL SUNROUTE NAMERIKAWA (hereinafter referred to as "our hotel"), shall properly handle the personal information necessary for business, and promote measures according to the following policies, based on our belief that protecting personal information is a social responsibility.

1. Cases where We Request Provision of Personal Information

The directors and all employees of our hotel (Including temporary staff, part-time employees, etc., the same shall apply hereinafter.), shall endeavor to comply with the laws and regulations and other rules concerning the protection of personal information, in order to protect personal information.

2. Appropriate Acquisition, Use and Provision

Our hotel shall acquire personal information by the appropriate methods, and utilize the personal information within the scope of the purpose of use which is clearly specified in advance.
Our hotel shall not provide information to a third party, except when the person gives prior consent, or in the case where the requirements stipulated by the laws and regulations are satisfied.

3. Security control

Our hotel shall pay careful attention in the management of the personal information, and take the necessary and appropriate measures in order to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss, falsification and etc.
In addition, our hotel shall provide proper training to employees, in order to promote improvement in the knowledge and consciousness of the employees. In the case where the handling of personal information is outsourced, our hotel shall examine the trustees, and implement the necessary and proper supervision.

4. Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of Use

Concerning the personal information retained by our hotel, when there is a request from a person who intends disclose personal information, make corrections or suspend use, the following contact office shall endeavor to take immediate action. In the case where our hotel decided not to respond to the request according to the stipulations in the laws and regulations, etc., our hotel shall provide an explanation of the reason.

5. Continual Improvement of Measures

Our hotel shall continue to improve the measures concerning the protection of personal information. For this reason, this protection policy may be changed without prior notice.

6. Inquiries Concerning Personal Information

The contact office of our hotel for questions and inquiries concerning personal information is as follow.
Please note, that our hotel may ask for personal identification within the range required for correspondence.

1375 Tatsuno, Namerikawa City, Toyama,Japan 936-0024
TEL. +81-76-475-8833
FAX. +81-76-475-9978